These talks are freely offered in the spirit of dana, or generosity. The word dana is from Pali, the language in which the teachings of the Buddha were most often passed on, through oral tradition and later in writing.

Dana was often the first practice recommended by the Buddha. He understood that the mindstate associated with freely giving to another is often the easiest way to experience a taste of liberation—to temporarily dissolve the illusory self that causes suffering.

You can listen to a short talk by Myoshin Kelly on the practice of Dana (Download, Stream).

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President Note

He presented many research papers on social issues in different universities of India. He is practical involved in Tree Plantation Campaign & Rallies, organized Free Medical Camps in different areas, World Population Day, Free School Uniform Distribution Program, Free Dental Diagnostic Camps etc. He was Chairperson of World Buddhist Conference 2006 at Nagpur and Welcome Chairperson of Spreading Buddhism International Conference 2013-14 held at Nagpur.

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