The aims & objects of the trust shall be Dhamma (Religious), Social, Educational, Public, Humanitarian, Cultural and Secular in nature.

  • To work for spreading Buddhism and to established Buddhist monasteries, meditation Centers, Buddhist academy, Seminaries etc.
  • To spread and promote the education of learning and maintain or support of Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, High School, College, Night School, etc. as well as to establish Polytechnic College, Engineering College, Technical and Industrial Training Institute , Ayurved College, Homeopathy College, Other Paths Medical College/ Center, College/Center, Medical College etc.
  • To establish and run the Hostel, Tailoring School, Training Institute & Center of Embroidery, Weaving, Computer.
  • To establish and run the Library, an Orphanage, Old age home, Leprosy Center, Blind & Dumb School.
  • To establish and run the Charitable Dispensary, Public & General Hospitals, Research Institute, Training center of Nursing & Montessori, Gym etc.
  • To establish and run the Adult Education Scheme, Good (Heavy) Diet Scheme, Unsheltered Scheme and Public Welfare Schemes etc.
  • To provide educational & financial help to poor Backward Classes students.
  • To provide Training facilities of Small Scale Industries, Cottage Industries and Vocational Institute and to guide the people for their better living.
  • To carry on and promote the Cultural programs as like Art, Dance, Drama, Seminars etc and to organize Free Medical Diagnostic Camps, School Uniform Free Distribution programs and to assist as well as to guide the people of Calamity & Disaster.
  • To establish and run the project of Road safety Programs of Ministry of Road Transport, Govt. of India, as well as the project of Ministry of Social Justice and to run the hospitals in slum and Tribal areas etc.
  • To spread and promote the various schemes & projects of Govt. of India and State Governments.
  • To promote and felicitate such the merit institutions and persons in national as well as international level, those who are working in the field of religious/Dhamma and other Humanitarian services and for Nation Building by giving cash, citation and memento.

President Note

He presented many research papers on social issues in different universities of India. He is practical involved in Tree Plantation Campaign & Rallies, organized Free Medical Camps in different areas, World Population Day, Free School Uniform Distribution Program, Free Dental Diagnostic Camps etc. He was Chairperson of World Buddhist Conference 2006 at Nagpur and Welcome Chairperson of Spreading Buddhism International Conference 2013-14 held at Nagpur.

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