The name “Ashwaghosh Buddhists Foundation (India)” of our organization was kept in memory an ancient literary, musician, arhat Ashwaghosha. As per his dedication of work, we also try “to organize and carry on activities in the field of Dhamma (Religion), Social, Educational, Cultural and other Humanitarian services.” This religious organization is formed under president-ship of Dr. Milind Jiwane, an eminent personality of India. It is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and registered under 11 A (A) of Income Tax Act 1950 too. The ancient history of Ashwaghosha is as under.

Ashwaghosha was a Brahmana teacher, having an unchallenged pre-enemy in his own country mid-India. But he was defeated by Parsava in a public discussion and as per agreement; Ashwaghosha became his disciple and ordained Bhiksu. The learned Parsava asked him a simple question, “What shall we have to do in order to keep the kingdom in perfect peace, to have the king live long, to let the people enjoy, abundance and prosperity, all free from evils and catastrophes.” Not being able to offer a solution. Asvaghosha became the disciple of the venerable and at his instance began to preach the religion of Buddha.

Asvaghosha started the propagation of Buddhism in Kusumpura (Modern –Patna) not only as a preacher but also as a poet and musician. Ashwaghosa ‘s knowledge of Sanita-sastra is also exhibited in his works Buddhacarita and Saundarananda where he clearly exhibits his sensitiveness about musical sound effects, in his choice of the proper vocabulary. Kaniska treated him with great kindness and esteem. Kaniska gladly accepted his advice and became Buddhist, and thus became known as Kaniska’s Guru and great friend.

Ashwaghosha had dealt with ‘Arhathood” and “Buddhasattva-hood” or two types of Nirvana; Anatta and Atmavada , Karmas and the concept of hail and heaven, Yoga and Sankhya system etc. But the first systemic revolt was made by Buddha and with a greater success.

Kavi Kaladasa has referred to Bhasa, Saumilla and Kaviputra, the poets who lived before him; Bhasa is the only renowned writer lived in 350 A.D. And Ashwaghosha was Kanishka’s contemporary before 350 A.D. Ashwaghosha’s two kavyas namely Saundarananda and Buddhacarita is well known in the ancient history

President Note

He presented many research papers on social issues in different universities of India. He is practical involved in Tree Plantation Campaign & Rallies, organized Free Medical Camps in different areas, World Population Day, Free School Uniform Distribution Program, Free Dental Diagnostic Camps etc. He was Chairperson of World Buddhist Conference 2006 at Nagpur and Welcome Chairperson of Spreading Buddhism International Conference 2013-14 held at Nagpur.

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